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Company Culture is already very complex, messy, vague, and extremely difficult to define. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a niche community to discuss, debate, disagree, define, and disentangle all open ends around culture? Isn’t there joy in co-solving?

We intend to solve the problem around company culture with CultureClub, a community initiative by CultureMonkey, where a group of highly aware employee engagement evangelists come together to innovate, collaborate, discuss, resolve, and foster the theories of company culture.

Our host Ketan Krishna, is dedicated to understanding the nooks and corners of aspects driving a successful company culture in an organization by interviewing the industry leaders in the HR fraternity to provide valuable insights to our listeners.

For more info on CultureClub, or to be part of our club, visit,

CultureClub is a community initiative by CultureMonkey, for more information on CultureMonkey, visit,